Idiotic, Fake Eagle Prophet Threatens Akuapem Poloo with Gang Rape

Well here’s an idiot with an idiotic, misogynistic sham of a prophecy.

According to the “man of god” and his vision, more than twelve men are planning to gangrape Ghanaian socialite Akuapem Poloo to death. Can’t be sure why the idiot, Reverend Reindorf Oduro Gyebi aka Eagle Prophet of God’s Crown Chapel was given the platform to spew his personal wishes.

Frankly, he’s probably been jerking off to photos of Akuapem and is just couching his perverted fantasies in this so-called prophecy.

Akuapem Poloo
Akuapem Poloo


What a rape enabler.

In other news, this same idiot claims that those speaking against National Cathedral will die miserably. Again, who’s giving this rapey douche the platform?

This is the same idiot who “prophesied” that the EC chair will be shot dead. Why hasn’t he been arrested yet? Sigh.

Angry Chinese god Responsible For Coronavirus- Eagle Prophet Discloses
Rape-enabling “Man of God”, Eagle Prophet Owiredu.

Anywho, watch the video of this rape enabler below and vent your anger as well.

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