Gruesome Abesim Murders. Details So Far

28-year old architect and popular footballer is the main suspect in the Abesim Murders.

It’s taken us some time to publish this disturbing news from Abesim in the Bono Region of Ghana. It’s gruesome and traumatizing. It’s all the more shocking because serial killers have always seemed like a far away concept for Ghana. But here we are, with what is shaping up to be a serial killer case. Thankfully, the suspects have been apprehended.

Here’s what we know.

A 12 year old child was reported missing.

A search party was formed to look for the missing child.

Richard Appiah: Abesim murder suspect remanded
Richard Appiah (Abesim murder suspect)

The search party had one Richard Appiah (a 28-year old architect) in it, reportedly step-brother to the missing child.

Richard gave leads to possible places where the child could have gone.

Turned out Richard joining the party was a ruse to deflect attention as he was spotted earlier with the missing child.

Search party decided to go to Richard’s house.

There, on Friday, August 20, the body of the missing boy was found.

If that wasn’t enough, body parts of a 15-year old boy, reportedly the son of Richard’s friend as well as a yet-to-be identified adult were also discovered in Richard’s fridge.

Richard later led police to the site where he buries the entrails and other body parts of his victims.

There’s more to the case that is painful to type out. Instead, here’s a report by CitiNews with details.

We can’t begin to imagine how the families of his victims are feeling now. We wish them peace, love and light as they deal with such a painful loss.

Let up a prayer up for Louis Agyemang, Stephen Sarpong and all the other victims, named and unnamed.

Check out additional reportage by MyJoyOnline, CitiNews and GhanaWeb.

What a sick world we live in.

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